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As a teacher, Galen is patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. His approach to teaching drums emphasizes fun, engaging, and individually tailored lessons that combine foundational skills with the creative rewards of improvisation. His students enjoy one-on-one instruction with unique access to some of the best modern educational drum tools. Using a refreshing mix of song transcriptions, method books, and audio/video recordings, Galen is able to provide his drum students with challenging practice materials to work with throughout the week.  He began teaching privately in 2007, and as a measure of the success of his approach to teaching drums, Galen has seen his students receive summer camp scholarships, attend collegiate music programs, play on recordings, and tour internationally. 


“The exciting part about drum teaching is passing on the inspiration that music offers us in our daily lives. From understanding our physicality and creative expression to attaining a deeper appreciation of cultures around the world and building meaningful friendships, drumming can open our lives to uniquely rich and diverse experiences!” 


Galen teaches both privately and in the Piedmont School District where he is a percussion clinician and directs the Jazz Lab Band. He is also co-founder of the GrooveLab after-school enrichment program, and has travelled to student music competitions in New Orleans, Manhattan, Vancouver, and Hawaii. Galen has stayed active in the music education community by attending California Music Educator Association (CMEA) conferences in northern California. 


After being deeply inspired by Carlos Santana’s percussionists and a thrilling performance by the zydeco great Queen Ida, Galen was captivated by the drums and began playing early on at age 10.  Exploring music through drumming became a constant pursuit, a calling. During college, Galen studied sound design at Bucknell University and jazz history at the Santa Rosa Junior College before receiving his B.A. in Art and Social Change from the New College of San Fransisco with an emphasis in improvisational music from Berkeley’s Jazzschool and the Ali Akbar College of Music. Galen has taken private lessons with Jack Lawton of Lawton’s Ludwig Drum Co., Mike Clark, and Scott Amendola. He has attended master classes by drumming greats Billy Cobham, Brian Blade, Alex Acuna, and Dafnis Prieto, to name a few, and small group classes with Peter Magadini (author of “Polyrhythms- The Musicians Guide”), Colin Bailey (author of “Bass Drum Control”) and tabla maestro Swapan Chaudhuri.  Professionally, Galen has performed with a variety of Bay Area musicians opening for artists such as Les Claypool, Donald Harrison, Wil Blades and reggae singer Eek-a-Mouse. Aside from performing in Bay Area clubs, Galen has played in Europe and at venues such as The Palace of Fine Arts, Yoshi’s jazz club, and has accompanied a student ensemble at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Currently Galen leads the modern jazz quartet WildLyfe who released their debut album, “RootBall” in 2018. 


ABOVE:  GrooveLab instructors Galen Grant (drums) and Micheal Wynar (guitar) invite two former GrooveLab students to jam with the Project West Quartet! This event was a graduation party for the very talented drummer Joey Armstrong. Joey (conga) and Sebastian Mueller (sax) joined us on the tune, "Cold Duck Time". It was a real joy to work with these guys during their high-school years, they were actually the first GrooveLab jazz combo..and went on to rehearse and gig routinely on thier own!

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING:"My junior year Mr. Grant helped me and three other students start a quartet. With that quartet we have played shows all over including the well known Yoshi's. My senior year I started taking private lessons with Mr. Grant. It has been the most incredible and enlightening experience of my music career so far. I have had plenty of teachers in my life time but Mr. Grant has made me the drummer I am today. He has helped me with my auditions for college, my rock band Emily's Army and my quartet, D.D.G. Mr. Grant has made a lot of things possible for me and has opened new doors. I highly suggest taking lessons from him, you won't regret it." - Joey Armstrong (Emily's Army)


ABOVE: These short clips of Mr.G holdin' it down on the garbage can, and student vocalist Dylan Miller are from the APOLLO THEATRE in Harlem, N.Y.C. during a Piedmont High School A-cappella trip. Mr. Apollo MC'ed a killer tour for us and invited some students to perform, he treated us like family and you could feel the undeniable love, wisdom, and inspiration flowing through him and this iconic theatre!  I'm lucky to have shared in the incredible vibe that this building creates with-in its walls. I can't wait to go back and rub 'The Tree of Hope' again! As the legend goes, the Tree of Hope contains the good fortune of the masters that have performed here at the APOLLO for the last 98 years...and believe me, it's thick in the air!