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Bay Area drummer Galen Grant became passionately involved in music at age 10, and has since committed himself fully to the art! Galen was born an East Coaster, in Pittsburgh P.A., home of drummers Art Blakey, and Jeff 'Tain' Watts among others. After competing and performing both locally and in Europe during High School, Galen decided to answer the calling of the West Coast that rang true since his time in Seattle as a kid. While in pursuit of a New College of San Francisco degree in Art and Social Change, Galen had the opportunity to take full advantage of the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley where he studied with Bay Area greats such as Wil Blades, Seward McCain, Colin Bailey, Brian Pardo, Pete Magidini and many other influential musicians. During this time Galen cultivated his eclectic rhythmic sensibilities at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music studying under tabla guru Swapan Chaudury. Galen's direction has always been molded by many musicians.  He is constantly in search of the 'New Music', drawing from the rhythmic concepts of Jazz, Jungle, Latin, Indo-Jazz fusion grooves, and the entire Funk diaspora. Grant has worked professionally with Bay Area musicians Dave Tidball(5 Play, Morchestra, Orbital Quintet) Max Cowan(Atta Kid, Otis McDonald), Mike Wynar (Strike Iron, Kakaw) House(Limbo Maniacs), Lagos Roots (former Fela Kuti bandmates), Eli Hurwitz(Hot Pocket, E-Live), Aspect McCarthy (Jazz Mafia), Gabby LaLa (Les CLaypool), and the I-World International Rockers opening for such acts as Donald Harrison, Les Claypool, and Eeka Mouse! Galen is a music educator in the East Bay/San Francisco area, teaching both privately and in the Piedmont School District, where he coaches the P.H.S. Jazz Lab Band. He is also co-founder of the young musicians program 'GrooveLab'. Aside from freelance performing and recording, Galen leads the modern jazz quartet, WildLyfe, jazz combo Project West, and free-jazz trio, The Sound Effekt. Galen is continually in search of diverse musical partnerships to expand and fulfill his generations craving for a rich cultural identity!