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Amazon Equipment List

Below are a number of products that I recommend for getting started on the drums! All of these materials will last a lifetime and will become more and more useful as the student travels further towards great musicianship! Aside from the method books, I have listed the materials in order of importance, so sticks and a practice pad really come first! Just click the picture or link (in some cases paste the URL into your browser) to order any of the items on I also have a vast knowledge of other suitable drum equipment and am always happy to share this info and make specific recommendations!

   The first five items, numbers #1-#5, make up a beginning snare pad lesson kit.  If you are just begining lessons and do not own any equiptment, then this is my recommended starting place. I have had lots of success helping students focus on music reading, hand technique, posture, and rudiments using these items. Please consider purchaseing these before your first lesson!


  • A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum

     #1    "A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum" is a highly recommended snare drum technique and play-along method book!

  • Vic Firth American Custom® SD4 Combo

    #2    Very good all-around drum stick. The SD4 is great for both snare drum and drum-set playing!

  • Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad, 12 Inch

    #3    A double sided-pad is an essential part of every drummers' gear. It is a low volume way to work out your hands and practice rudimental exercises.

  • Yamaha Snare Stand; Medium Weight; Single-Braced

    #4    This seated snare stand will hold the drum pad at the right hieght to faciltate good technique. It can also be used as a drum-set stand for a regular snare drum. 

  • Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand - Black

    #5    A sheet music stand is essential for good study habits!! 

  • FADS - Fresh Approach To The Drum Set


    This is a very comprehensive drumset method for 5-12th grade drummer's and beyond! It's got it all...another great offering from drum educator Mark Wessels.

  • Groove Essentials - The Play-Along 1.0 : A Complete Groove Encyclopedia for the 21st Century Drummer

    This revolutionary book by studio drummer Tommy Igoe is extremely useful for the intermediate to advanced drummer who has an electronic drum-set or a system to play-along to the provided songs. Groove Essentials covers a wide variety of styles and has mini drum charts for understanding song form!

  • The Breakbeat Bible

    A complete guide to playing funk, soul, and hip-hop! Featuring a ton of bios and beats from the great funk drummers of all time.

  • Modern Drummer

    A fantastic drum magazine that I have subscribed to since I was a teenager! Very informative and inspirational.

  • Boss Db-30 Dr. Beat Metronome


    A metronome is critical for all musicians to developing precise and accurate rhythmic timing. Please consider investing in one...

    TEMPO: by Frozen Ape

    An outstanding alternative to the traditional metronome. This is a highly recommended App for the Ipod Touch, Ipad, and Iphone costing only $1.99!! I use it daily and it has many more features than most electronic metronomes.

    Please copy and paste this URL into your web browser as this application is not sold on Amazon:

  • Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff

    I recently purchased a pair of these so I can hear my play-along tracks without having to crank up my sound system to over power the drums. These earmuffs/headphones reduce the volume of the drums and except an 1/8 inch miniplug from your ipod or almost any other playback device so you can hear both the recording and your drums. This item has added greatly to my practice sessions!

  • Etymotic Research ER20 ETYPlug Hearing Protection Earplugs, Large Clear Stem with White Tip (Clear)

    I highly encourage the use of hearing protection! These comfortable and enxepensive earplugs will help prevent hearing loss and contribute to good practice habits..

  • Vic Firth American Jazz® 6

    This is a great drum stick for low has the 'feel' of a regular stick except the small tip is very light on drums and cymbals.

  • Vater Sugar Maple Bebop 550

    The Bebop 550 is an awesome stick I have recently fell in love with! It is made of Sugar Maple and therefore is very light. The shape is also very versitle. This stick is not a loud stick and is also not the most durable, but I will always have a pair on hand.

  • Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand -- Bamboo

     Students should use this stick for low volume applications, such as playing with acoustic instruments, or during quite practice hours!

  • Vic Firth Pair of Jazz Brushes

    This is a wonderful all around brush! Brush Technique is a very important part of a drummers repertoire.

  • Protection Racket Standard Stick Bag

    I use Protection Racket cases and have been very pleased with the quality. This is a standard size bag without and big outside pocket for sheet music.

  • Ddrum Drumstick Stick Pack, Gig Bag, Black

    Here is a very functional stick bag with a nice large out-side compartment for storing music, drum key, and other accessories.  It includes a shoulder strap and will also attach to a floor tom.

  • Yamaha Yamaha student snare kit

    This item is a complete student snare drum set.  It is a compact, high quality option for younger students and includes a practice pad, sticks, snare stand, and case. Yamaha is a very trusted brand. The above book and optional sheet music stand would be the only items needed to complement this set!

  • Tama IS58CBK Imperialstar 5-pc Kit 18 Bass Drum w/ Hardware & Cymbals, Black
  • Sonor Bop 4pc Black Galaxy Sparkle Drum Set Shell Pack

    I use an older version of this great sounding compact drum-set! It is great for smaller stages, rooms, and growing students. This kit can be used in a professional gigging environment and is not simply for beginners..

  • MG4 Moon Gel Drum Damper Pads

    I have used these Moongels for years to muffle drums that are to loud or ring extensively. They can be cut in half to reduce the amount of muffling and can be washed and reused often.

  • Auralex Studiofoam Designer Kit Night Blue

    Auralex is a great way to tone down unwanted reverberation in the practice studio! By the way, it can be applied a number of ways rather than the included adhiesive...