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                  THE SOUND EFFEKT

                                Dave Tidball- Reeds, Galen Grant- Drums, Mike Wynar- Guitar

    The Sound Effekt, a band, a vibe, an experience. Drummer Galen Grant, guitarist Mike Wynar and woodwind maestro Dave Tidball coalesce to spark creative audiences and explore the vast nuances of improvised music. After meeting over the years in funk and straight ahead jazz settings, the members of The Sound Effekt diverge from their roots to create an elastic rhythmic pocket while embracing the 'stream of consciousness' values adopted by the early freedom music pioneers.  From the textures and timbres of brass and bronze, the amplitude of electrified strings, to the woody resonance of the bass clarinet, this trio seeks to excite your sensory palette!

    Click below to enjoy takes from The Sound Effekt's most recent studio effort!

Meet the artists with these short bios!

   Dave Tidball was born in Cardiff, Wales and began playing sax and clarinet with his father's dance band. After leaving home, he became active on the London jazz scene in the 1970s, principally with British jazz fusion pioneers Turning Point, recording two albums. In '79 he moved to Boston and led Minotaur (a seven-piece band) and the DT Trio (a sax/bass/drums unit). Since 1985, he has been living and working in the Bay Area and has been involved with many of its great musicians. In the early 90s, he formed another sax/bass/drums unit (Threedom) with Bill Douglas and Robert Kaufman and played all over with this group including a long residency at the legendary Café Babar in San Francisco. He also enjoyed working with singer Paula West during this period. Currently, he is a member of the original quintet FivePlay as well as Tony Corman's big band (Morchestra). His most recent recordings have been with FivePlay ("Five and More") and with percussionist Ian Dogole "Outside The Box", featuring fellow-woodwind specialist Paul McCandless.

   Bay Area drummer Galen Grant ( became passionately involved in music at age 10, and has since committed himself fully to the art! Galen was born an East Coaster, in Pittsburgh P.A., home of drummers Art Blakey, and Jeff 'Tain' Watts among others. After competing and performing both locally and in Europe during High School, Galen decided to answer the calling of the West Coast that rang true since his time in Seattle as a kid. While in pursuit of a New College of San Francisco degree in Art and Social Change, Galen had the opportunity to take full advantage of Berkeley’s California Jazz Conservatory were he studied with Bay Area greats such as Wil Blades, Seward McCain, Colin Bailey, Brian Pardo, Pete Magidini and many other influential musicians. During this time Galen cultivated his eclectic rhythmic sensibilities at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music studying under tabla guru Swapan Chaudury. Galen's direction has always been molded by many musicians.  He is constantly in search of the 'New Music', drawing from the rhythmic concepts of Jazz, Jungle, Latin, Indo-Jazz fusion grooves, and the entire Funk diaspora. Grant has worked professionally with Bay Area musicians Max Cowan (Atta Kid, +ONE), Mike Wynar (Kuckaw, Albino!, Dynamic) House (Limbo Maniacs), Lagos Roots (former Fela Kuti bandmates), Eli Hurwitz (Hot Pocket), Aspect McCarthy (Jazz Mafia), Gabby LaLa (Les Claypool), and the I-World International Rockers opening for such acts as Eeka Mouse, Donald Harrison and Les Claypool! Galen currently plays with the avante jazz project, ‘The Sound Effekt’, and Alt-Pop band ‘ANML PRTY’.

   Michael Wynar is a guitarist and educator hailing from the city of Los Angeles, California.  Michael has studied jazz at the graduate level with guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque at Northern Illinois University. During this time Michael had the pleasure of working with many talented Chicago musicians, and after making it through several cold winters headed back west to the Bay Area. Michael has performed internationally with local Bay Area band Dynamic at the Chiapas Jazz Festival.  Currently Michael performs with a diverse number of groups and musical styles and can be heard performing with bass virtuoso Victor Little's Big Hit, sax titan Joe Cohen, sultry vocalist Sally Green (Sal's Greehouse), Albino! Afro-beat, Dynamic, original funk band Kuckaw and modern jazz project The Sound Effekt.